Latex Mattress VS Memory Foam

Both latex and memory foam mattresses have gained popularity in the market today. Both these mattresses are known for their comfort and durability. Choosing one from the two can be a tricky decision. You will need to consider several factors. Here we are going to discuss the features of both mattresses and see the differences.

Why latex foam mattress?

If you want a firmer mattress and heat is a concern for you then you should buy the latex mattress. The natural latex mattress is made of natural materials, and so is eco-friendly. You won’t also sense any odor if you buy latex foam mattress. It gives you more bounce, feels lighter and has faster response time. You won’t get that enveloped feel like in a memory foam mattress. The latex foam provides better cooling. The all-natural latex foam mattresses last longer, but the synthetic ones are cheaper. So, you should choose one according to your preference.

Why memory foam mattress?

If you have painful pressure points then memory foam is a good option. If you prefer the soft feeling when lying in bed then memory foam mattress is the right choice for you. Memory foam is made of polyurethane which results in the viscoelastic feel. You can get memory foam mattresses in any firmness level. You can also get it at various densities. The response time of this mattress is slow. If you are a side sleeper then you will like memory foam mattresses. Due to the contouring cooling can be a problem for this mattress.

Latex and memory foam mattresses have different features. Both have health benefits and affect the environment differently. You should decide which one to buy depending on the factors just discussed.

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